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Image by Erfan Banaei

Carpets & Rugs

Carpet is one of the easiest products for any home and any project. Easy and fast to install, relatively low maintenance, and always available in a variety of options. Simple and affordable, there is always something to be found for the plan and budget that works for you. It's no wonder it's often the go to option for both new and welled loved homes alike.











What about runners?

Perfect for framing and showcasing any hallway or staircase. Runners are available in a myriad of color or pattern options, and can even be styled with or without borders, frayed trims, or tassels. Even custom backings are a no brainer. Runners are a great option for permanent or even seasonal use.

Low Pile

Have children or pets? Worried about loosing track of any small items? A short haired product does not mean sacrificing quality or comfort. There are always options like cut pile carpets & berbers that come in many different colors and patterns that will get you what you need without compromising your main concerns.



Carpets don't have to be plush to be soft. Today's advances in manufacturing allow you to find exactly what you want in exactly the type of texture that you want, no matter the fiber.

  • Silk

  • Polyester

  • Nylon

Thickness (face weight/density)

A product's thickness, or density, can make a huge

difference in your carpet's durability and enjoyment down the line. But don't think that less always equals poor quality or vice versa. The difference is in the pattern & functionality of the product. More importantly, remember that both short or plush products can have the perfect thickness you're looking for. 



Selecting a carpet with a pattern can be an easy

fix, ready to infuse a little more life in any room. Zig-zags, twists, or turns. There is always something to be found, no matter your tastes. Are you looking for something, classic and traditional? What about wild and bold? Colorful? Eccentric? Perhaps something subtle that won't draw too much attention?

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