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Natural Stone

Breath life back into your home and enhance like never before with brand new natural stone.


Sleek countertops. Vibrant bathroom and shower detailing. High-end floors. Stunning backsplashes. You name it, we can get it done. Whether it's a high end redesign or on a budget, natural stone can take even the simplest rooms and designs to a whole new level.


The type of stone you pick can make all the difference.

Count on the team of experts at Paradise Flooring for superior stone work at pocket-friendly prices and get more for your money.

Images of products in the section above are used for color, design, and pattern reference only and are subject to change at any time. They are not reflective of what may or may not be in stock at the moment. The selection is mainly intended to help curious clients view the variety of potential options available. Paradise Flooring is not responsible for having the exact product available for any client at any time due to varying dye lots, though something very similar can always be found. For actual products available please visit our subsequent product pages.

Marazzi (transparent).png
Teltos (transparent).png
Raphael stone (transparent).png
Arizona Tile.png
daltile (transparent).png
Dashing Stone (transparent).png
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