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Laminate Flooring

Strong, resilient, and easy to install. Laminate is the prefect option for anyone looking for wood without the price tag. Get yourself a product that is makes your remodel feel like a breeze. It's unique four part layer construction and interlocking click allows for its durable and long lasting results.


Concerned about water damage? While laminate and wood can never be fully waterproof, a variety of manufacturers have produced entire collections built with a stronger, more durable, water resistant core to alleviate the damage.  greatly reduce the chances of damaged flooring. 

Available in a wide variety of colors, shades ,finishes, widths, and textures, it's easy to see why so many choose laminate as their go to option for hassle free home renovations. Maintained properly, laminate flooring can easily endure any lifestyle for years to come.


Laminate floors have the realistic appearance of natural flooring materials, and can be installed on all grade level. With proper preparation, it can even be installed over fully cured concrete slabs, wood subfloors, and existing hard surface floors.

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